A piece by piece guide as to where to put your Ordoo marketing material for maximum effectiveness.


Posters are best placed near to the point of sale, often on the wall behind it, so that customers can easily see and read it from the queue.

Collection Point:

The collection point is a crucial piece of marketing material. Not only is it vital in the customer experience for the customer to know where to collect their order, but it is also great at informing non-Ordoo customers of the mobile ordering service you provide.

It should be placed in clear sight on a counter top where you would usually serve. Customers will come here to collect their order, so make sure that they will be able to reach it easily.

Tent Stand: 

Like the posters, the tent stand should be in a location where customers have the time to read it. They should be attached the the plastic card holder you received, in front of the point of sale.

£3 Coupon Cards:

These should be divided, with half of them filling the plastic card holder in front of the point of sale, and half behind the counter for staff to hand out to customers with a short explanation of Ordoo.

Window Stickers:

As you might expect, these should be in the window by the door, or a glass door. They stick from the inside.

Table Stickers

These should be on the tables of your store. The table stands fold in half and lie horizontally, and the stickers, well they stick. 

A7 Table Stands

You'll need to fold them in the middle before you do anything, but once you've done that just put them on your tables for your customers to read.

Referral Cards

Utilise these referral cards during the final stage of your 90-day onboarding plan to drive your customers to refer their friends & colleagues to your business & Ordoo.

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