We understand that the world of running a business is crazy and fast paced. It is difficult to find time to breathe, let alone think about how best to engage your customers. Luckily, Ordoo is on hand to collect and harness your customer data while you sleep.

Having your customers ordering through Ordoo means you are constantly gathering data on their likes/dislikes, buying behaviour and purchasing habits. When they order via a smartphone you build up customer profiles that you can use to improve engagement. It’s time to move on from cash and card payments.

With our new Ordoo engage feature and our new customer reporting tool, you can track, engage, reward and retain your customers. Best of all, it can all be automated and it’s as easy as 1,2,3…

How to use the AARRR (pirate) framework

The AARRR framework was originally created by the legendary guru Dave McClure. It is a process to maximise and optimise customer engagement using technology. We at Ordoo swear by it and we now want to pass this functionality to our partner venues. We’ve been working hard to optimise this funnel and we’ve now suggested key communication messages for our partners to simply opt in (activate). This will help customers through the funnel of Aquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and (last but not least) Revenue. Let’s walk the plank and dive right in…

Acquisition: – Get new customers at your store using Ordoo

Create a monetary reward that can be used at your venue that you can give out to your customers to try out ordering on the app.

The Ordoo suggestion:

Title: Try out the Ordoo app at Tristan’s Café

Value: £2.00

Coupon code: TRYTRISTANS

Expiry date: 20.06.2017

Tell your customers to try the app when they’re in store or over social media and give them the TRYTRISTANS code so they’ll get £2 off. Once they experience your V.I.P. queue-skipping service they’ll love your venue even more! Best of all, they’re now being tracked by Ordoo and we can make sure they come back more frequently.

Activation: – Encourage an Ordoo user to order at your store

Set up a notification to users who view your store on the app and look at the menu but don’t place an order after 1 day. You can notify them the next day at 9AM to remind them about your store and suggest they come in and get a coffee.

So you can send time specific, relevant and personalised messages to your customer base …

Retention: – Prompt your customers to order again

Imagine a regular non-Ordoo customer stops visiting your store for a month. What can you do about it? Do you know why they stopped visiting you? Was it something you said? Or did they just get out of the habit of visiting you?

With Ordoo’s retention tool you can set up automated notifications that sends every customer who hasn’t ordered for 30 days a push message with a monetary incentive to encourage them to come back.

When we tested this with a £1 incentive we found a 65% of customers then placed an order from clicking this simple push notification! Unbelievable. In fact, this features was requested by 92% of the venues we surveyed. Don’t miss out and set it up on Ordoo now…

Referral: – Get users to invite their friends to try out your store via Ordoo

Referrals between customers are the most valuable way to gain new users. In fact, it accounts for 52% of new users to Ordoo.

You can now track how many friends each of your customers has invited to join them on the app, and encourage the ones who haven’t invited anyone to share the Ordoo love. Say if a customer has ordered at your store 5 times, but never invited anyone, you can set up and automated notification to encourage them to invite a mate.

Through Ordoo’s referral system their friend gets £3 off their first order and they get £3 for inviting them, all on Ordoo’s cost. So this one is worth pushing!

Revenue: – Entice your customers into visiting your venue more regularly

Ahhhh … the all-important metric! All the above lead to this one. Here at Ordoo we strongly believe in listening to our customers’ opinions to improve our service. We’ll drip feed you this feedback and this will be key in driving revenue. We recommend asking one of these important questions:

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that you would recommend our venue to a friend or colleague?

2) How was your overall experience at [your venue]?
3) What would be the one thing you would improve next time?

So why not ask your customers some questions, see what they love about your brand and what they would love to see you do.

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