Ordoo provides its partners with various channels for transitioning their regular customers onto the Ordoo app to benefit from intensified loyalty, higher frequency of visits and for their regulars to invite their friends.

POS materials – When you join Ordoo you receive co-branded tent cards, posters and business cards. The business cards have a £3 discount code on them that provide the hook for customers to try out the app.

Social media – Using your venue’s unique £3 discount code to promote usage of the app to your customers on each of your social media channels. 

Staff referral scheme – The best way to promote Ordoo is for your staff to talk about the app to your customers, so we have a system where when a staff member signs up a customer we give them £3 cash.

Referral scheme – Each user who signs up to Ordoo when they are recommended by a current user receives £3 credit for their first order, when they use this credit the person who send the invite get £3 as a thank you from Ordoo. This means your customers using Ordoo at your venue will invite their friends to join them and try out your venue.

Beambox – A devise that captures the emails of customers logging into your venue’s wifi, which allows you to market to your customers and promote Ordoo to them.

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