Mobile ordering apps have taken the UK's F&B industry by storm across the last year. In fact, a report published by UKHospitality entitled Future of Payments has noted:

"As payments are increasingly moving towards digital and mobile methods, consumer expectation for immediacy and simplicity is likely reaching a tipping point."

And they recommend that:

"Investing in new payment methods can help operators stay competitive, as they must continue to offer a variety of payment methods to suit all customer tastes."

From what Ordoo has witnessed across the last 2 years, customers are loving being able to order ahead and save time when collecting their food and drink. More and more customers are demanding and loving this convenient service

As the above quote suggests if you act now this technology can give you an edge on your competitors and prove you're a forward-thinking, innovative brand.

By competition we also mean big chain, who already provide this technology to their customers. Starbucks, McDonalds, Wetherspoons, to name just a few big players have their own ordering apps operating in all their stores in the UK. Although you maybe don't aspire to their product quality, you should respect their innovation and ability to focus on a trend. 

Since March 2017 Wetherspoons order and pay app has received 200,000 downloads per month and Starbucks now processes 11% of the US payments through their app. Plus some Ordoo venues see 30% of their daily orders through our app. This sounds like proof of concept to us!

Ordoo have been in business for a few years now, and we've never been more excited by the ordering-tech trends in the industry. More and more venues owners are coming to us and demanding it and the Ordoo app is now primed for ease of use and operational effectiveness.

So now is the time. It's super easy to get set-up on Ordoo, it only takes 15 mins of your time! So get in touch today ...

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