The success of Ordoo depends on how many of your customers we manage to sign up to the app.

That’s why we have given you the £3 discount code, so your customers can try out the app! If you get £50 worth of codes redeemed in the first month of your launch, we will pay for all the codes in your second month on Ordoo.

Here are some of the best ways to promote the app to your customers...

Staff talking about it

Give your staff a one liner to tell regulars … “Have you tried our awesome order ahead app yet? You can get £3 off your next order!”

Giving out business cards

Hand out a business card to every customer who doesn’t order on the app, maybe even attach them to receipts?

Social media posts

Tweet, post and shout from the rooftops about your innovative ways! Here's an example post:

“We’ve now launched on @Ordoo_UK! So you can order and pay for your {{Product}} before you arrive! 

 Download the app here: #WhyWait “

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