Digital channels are a great way to tell your customers about Ordoo as it targets them directly, and can result in great uptake when implemented properly. It is important that your current and prospective customers know of the mobile ordering service you provide, and digital channels are a great way of doing this.

The best way is to share the download link:

How To Get Customers To Try Out The App

Twitter Bio:

Put the link to Ordoo in your bio so that any of your followers can easily see they can mobile order at your venue.

Google Business Card:

As a business owner/manager you are able to make changes to your Google Business Card. In the 'Order' category put the Ordoo link.

Facebook 'About' Section

Social media is a powerful tool, put the Ordoo link in your page's 'About' section to let customers know, prospects can easily be turned into buyers!

Ordoo Button On Your Website

Use this HTML code on your website to have a small but effective link to download the app.

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