Social media is powerful, and it is a great tool in promoting Ordoo to your current and prospective customers. Utilising it fully can be a challenge, so thats why we've put together some template posts for you!

We'll make sure we re-tweet/blog/post every post you @ us in to our 15,000 strong social media following, which is great exposure to you!

Likewise, if we mention you in one of our posts, make sure you retweet/share/re-post to your social channels to directly target your users.

Social Media Promotional Posts:

“Next time you visit why not try out ordering on the @Ordoo_UK app? Skip the queue and earn loyalty rewards! #WhyWait Download here:“

“Try ordering with the @Ordoo_UK app and get £3 off with our code! Download here:“

“Re-order your regular {{Product}} in 3 taps on the @Ordoo_UK app! Get £3 off with the code. Download here:“

“Today why not order from your desk with the @Ordoo_UK app? Then just swing by to collect it when we notify you … Easy! Download here:“

“We’re definitely not stupid, however we are definitely queueless! Check out the @Ordoo_UK app to skip queues and earn loyalty rewards! Download here:“

“Got a busy day ahead? Don’t have time to queue? Order and pay using the @Ordoo_UK app and we’ll have it waiting for you when you arrive! Grab and go with Ordoo … Download here:“ 

For a comprehensive plan, have a look at our scheduled posts sheet using the button below

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