The beauty of digital menus is that you can promote certain products that give you better margins and up-sell complimentary products to increase basket size.

If you want to implement menu optimisations, follow the guide below and implement them using the backend via the button underneath:


No more hard up-selling at the point of sale, let the app do all the work. Make sure all products have additional options that will increase your average basket size 

Meal Deals:

Having an Ordoo exclusive meal deal is a good way to give customers an extra reason to try the app. Plus it means you can encrouage higher spend at your venue. 


Having recommended products at the top of the menu not only helps new customers make decisions but allows you to promote higher value or margin items. 

Suggested Extras

In the app you can have relevant, complimentary options that a customer can choose to add to their order. Drinks, crisps & snacks are the perfect items to add to this part of the menu.

These simple menu changes not only improve the app experience for the customer, they on average lead to a 15% increase in the average basket size of orders coming through the app!

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