Your Ordoo tablet is your gateway to the digital marketplace, so I don't have to tell you its important! 

This needs to take into account two key factors: plugs and visibility. 

It must be near enough to a plug to be able to keep it plugged in to ensure it never runs out of battery during the day. 

Secondly, it must be visible. Your staff members have to be aware when an Ordoo order comes in, so ensuring it is visible at all times is critical. We suggest you place it next to your till system, as this is a consistently high traffic site.

Set Up:
Your Ordoo tablet will come pre-configured when it comes to you, so you shouldn't have to worry about it.

However, if you're using your own tablet, here's how you need it to be configured. 

Wifi: connect your tablet to the most consistent wifi in your venue, be it the staff or customer network.

Ordoo App: Navigate to the 'Play Store' on the tablet, and search for 'Ordoo'

Download the 'Point of Sale' app, and login with the details we provided you with. If you need assistance with this, email us here.

Settings: Navigate to the 'Settings' app, clicking on 'display and brightness' and turning the screen auto-sleep to 'never'. This ensures your screen won't turn off resulting in you missing orders.

Volume: Ensure your tablet volume is on full to enable you to hear an order notification.

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