*New With Ordoo POS v2 Is Auto-Opening & Closing*

We've brought auto-opening & closing with the most recent version of our POS. To upgrade from v1, just download the update from the Play Store/App Store on your tablet. You need to ensure that your opening hours are correct on the backend (in Venue --> Manage Store) otherwise your customers will be unable to place orders outside of the preset hours.


*POS v1*

In order to start accepting orders for your Ordoo launch, you have to turn your store to accepting orders.

To do this, press the button in the top right hand corner of your Ordoo tablet point of sale app labelled 'Not Accepting Orders' and change it to 'Accepting Orders'.

This will open your digital shopfront up to customers to be able to place orders, and so should be done at the same time that you start accepting physical customers.

Likewise the opposite must be completed when closing your store to prevent customers from placing an order when you are closed.

Top Tip: In order to avoid forgetting about this, its a good idea to add tablet alarms at your opening and closing times to remind you!

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