There are many avenues you can use to develop mobile ordering growth in your venues, but through all of our efforts we've found the most effective is still staff promotion.

What is staff promotion? Staff promotion involves your staff members personally talking to customers about the mobile ordering service you offer and encouraging them to try it out.

Why is it effective? Staff promo comes to the customer on a personal level, and commands attention well beyond the level of background marketing material, offering a far more influential pitch which results in much higher conversion rate.

What should my staff say? This is very much open to your staff, but we recommend that they begin by handing the customer a £3 Ordoo coupon at the point of sale and explain to them briefly along the lines of:

 'Ordoo lets you order and pay on your phone and have your <item> waiting for you when you want it, here's £3 off your first order.' 

This will give a clear, cohesive and non-invasive pitch to the customer, and will only take a moment of their time.

To find out more about coupon card distribution, click below:

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