Customer Data

Bringing your customer-base onto Ordoo grants you access to data about their spending habits, visit frequency and favourite products amongst tonnes of other data which can help you increase the profitability of your store around your customers. In an industry where customer data is hard to come by, if not impossible, Ordoo provides incredible value.


Customer retention is crucial to any business, and Ordoo can turn those 'visit once' customers into 'habitual every day use customers' through our retention tools and the value customers find in mobile ordering. 

Average Basket Size

Ordoo is statistically proven to increase the average purchase of your customers by 13% over traditional sales. This is primarily achieved through up-selling in-app with suggested extras when purchasing a product e.g. the suggestion of a croissant when buying a coffee.

Operational Efficiency 

Ordoo boosts your operational efficiency through taking stages out of the product journey. We enable you to serve customers without spending time taking their order and waiting for them to pay. They order, pay and collect. No time wasted.

Digital Communication Channels

We provide you with a direct digital gateway to your customers eyes. Either through push notifications or emails to their inbox, Ordoo lets you communicate in a manner nonexistent in this industry.


Word of mouth is the powerful marketing method out there, and Ordoo takes that one step further. Users on Ordoo have the ability to refer a friend to Ordoo, which grants them both £3 app credit, paid for by Ordoo. This encourages word of mouth from your customers, and then reinforces it through financial incentives, meaning your customers will have a reason to encourage their friends and work colleagues to come to your store. So much so that statistically, for every 100 customers you bring onto Ordoo, we'll bring you another 50 through our in-app referral scheme.

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