Providing the best possible Ordoo service is crucial to developing and retaining a customer base. Mobile ordering is a new concept, and is something that most customers will not be familiar with (kudos for you for being ahead of the game), so if they have a poor experience on the first time of use, the chances are they won't use it again. This obviously isn't good.

So how do you provide a good Ordoo service? 

Step one: ensure your tablet is turned to accepting orders (see link) during the hours you are open. If you're not open, they can't order. Not good. 

Step two: accept the order as soon as you can. The moment you hear the tablet ring or the screen pop up, accept the order so the customer knows you've seen it. Many customers will just cancel the order and not come in if you don't accept it relatively quickly, so make sure you do.

Step three: convenience is king. Make sure the order is ready. The core customer value of Ordoo is convenience, if the order isn't ready when the customer arrives, they don't realise that value and likely won't use it again. Not good. Make sure the order is ready, and hit the ready button as soon as its done.
Treat an Ordoo order like the first customer in your queue, and make the order accordingly.

Step four: utilise the customer service benefits of Ordoo, if its a customer you've seen before, greet them using their name and tell them their order is ready. Nothing beats a good customer experience, and using the information we give you to boost that alongside the convenience of mobile ordering creates a truly irreplaceable experience that will keep them coming back.

Making sure you deliver on each of these steps is crucial to Ordoo succeeding and providing all the benefits that come with it..

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