When you sign up to Ordoo , one item of your on-boarding launch pack are your coded coupon cards. These provide a £3 one-time discount to your customers, and are one of the most effective tools on convincing customers to order in your store. 

They are most effective when applied in combination with staff promotion, so read the article on how staff can bring customers on using the button below:

One of the most valuable aspects of Ordoo is convenience, and convenience is most valuable to people low on time. Due to this, visiting local offices or shops around you and handing out your £3 cards is an incredibly effective way of bringing large swathes of new customers to your venue. Ordoo opens the door for new customers due to the speed of service it provides, and working individuals in busy lunch breaks or low-time coffee runs find a great value from it. 

This is incredibly effective in both bringing on new mobile ordering customers, but also in bringing in new customers to your venue as it provides your store with a unique selling point of convenience.

As mentioned in the staff promo guide, in-store promotion is crucial to building your Ordoo customer base. Handing £3 cards out to all of your customers, even if its just for the first 2 weeks from launch, and giving them a bit of information about Ordoo is critical to customer acquisition. 

When not handing out cards, they should be positioned in the card stand by the point of sale; clearly visible for customers to pick up and look at themselves. 

If you'd like to find out more about why you should get your existing customer base using Ordoo, click the button blow:

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