Located within the global side bar of the Ordoo user app is a button labelled 'Invite A Friend', this is the Ordoo referral scheme.

How it works: users each have their own unique sign up code which they can share across multiple channels to their friends and family, who can in turn click on it to download the Ordoo app. In return, both the referrer and referee will be credited £3 of Ordoo credit, paid for by us, as a reward.

How it helps you: our referral scheme has been proven to be highly effective in causing customer retention and acquisition, and so if you're at a point where Ordoo is doing well but you want more (as you should), encouraging customers to use the referral scheme is a great way of achieving that.

Not only will the scheme bring you new Ordoo customers, but also totally new customers to the venue. In fact, our viral coefficient (the number of new users an existing user generates) is 0.5, which means for every 100 of your customers that use Ordoo, we'll bring you another 0 purely using our referral scheme!

If you'd like to hear about our lucrative venue referral scheme, press the button below: 

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