1. Surely having a physical queue AND Ordoo orders puts a strain on my venue’s operations? How does Ordoo mitigate this?

Mobile ordering systems have been known to cause operation issues when not implemented effectively, for example Starbucks had issuesof too much demand and an ineffective customer collection system. Ordoo overcomes operational challenges through:

Ordoo’s POS app design: uses a simple Kanban board style, where the order comes in and progresses along until completion with minimal interactions needed. The app rings when the order comes in, your staff accept the order, then you get a reminder 3 minutes before the order is due, at which point you can notify the customer the order is ready to collect. Easy, quick and efficient.

Ready at notifications: ensure customers arrive to the venue exactly when the food or drink is freshly made, and avoids any waiting around in-store.

Collection point sign: negates confusion of where customers go when they arrive, so they don’t end up in the regular queue.


2. How does Ordoo help my venue market the app to our customers?

Ordoo provides its partners with various channels for transitioning their regular customers onto the Ordoo app to benefit from intensified loyalty, higher frequency of visits and for their regulars to invite their friends.

POS materials – When you join Ordoo you receive co-branded tent cards, posters and business cards. The business cards have a £3 discount code on them that provide the hook for customers to try out the app.

Social media – Using your venue’s unique £3 discount code to promote usage of the app to your customers on each of your social media channels.

Beambox – A device that captures the emails of customers logging into your venue’s wifi, which allows you to market to your customers and promote Ordoo to them.

3. My product spoils if not consumed at the point of purchase, surely mobile orders risk late pick-ups?

Ordoo has now processed well over 50,000 orders and only 0.027% of orders have been spoilt by late pickups. In those cases, the venue can make another order and Ordoo covers any losses incurred.

There have been so few spoiled orders because:

  • The Ordoo app keeps the user updated with the progress of their order and they are sent a notification by the venue when the order is ready to collect.
  • Mobile ordering, rather than web ordering, means the user can always be kept updated on the progress of their order.


4. Can I have a digital loyalty scheme on Ordoo? 

Yes! We've conducted countless interviews with our partner venues to try to figure out what the best possible loyalty scheme would look like, & then we built it.

 Ordoo's new & improved loyalty scheme is on track to launch by the start of September 2019!

5. What is the go-live process?

There is a misconception that implementing a mobile ordering app will be disruptive to current services and take a lot of time. Ordoo makes this as easy as possible:

  1. Venue decides they want mobile ordering
  2. Sign contract, set up payments and specify the marketing material they want (30 mins)
  3. Ordoo sends tablet and marketing materials within 7-14 days
  4. Set up tablet and in-venue materials & train staff
  5. Accept orders and promote the app to customers!


Easy! So why wait to gain from the benefits of mobile ordering? Book a demo now to see how the app could work for you.


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