One great product Ordoo can supply you with is social wifi.

What is social wifi? It is a simple piece of hardware that plugs into your existing wifi router and creates a second network which you make the customer wifi. Its open password access, but requires customers to give their email address to gain access to the internet and allows you to set an expiry time to prevent people exploiting it.  Its massively beneficial as it collects masses of customer data (all GDPR compliant) by gathering email addresses and visit frequency data, and allows you to contact them via email to marketing purposes. 

We also use this to promote the mobile ordering service you provide through Ordoo and supply a download link to the app, which massively boosts Ordoo usage in venues thus maximising your investment in us. Furthermore it acts as digital marketing tool as it draws people into the venue with the free wifi. An incredibly useful tool when you have the volume of people you do sitting outside your doors.

If you would like to hear more about social wifi, contact Tristan below:

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