The launch checklist is a series of 6 tasks, located within the backend here, that cover all of the elements of store setup you need to complete before you can launch your store: placing a demo order, subscribing to Ordoo, setting up your menu, setting up your payment details, verifying your & booking in a launch call with an Ordoo account manager.

You should complete all of these stages with your account manager on your setup call, but if you don't then here's a quick breakdown of each item:

Demo'ing The Ordoo App:

This is completed by simply placing one demo order at your venue from your phone, accepting it & marking at as ready on an Ordoo POS- web or tablet based. For a simple, easy to understand step by step guide click here.

Subscribing To Ordoo: 

As it sounds, purchase an Ordoo subscription. 

Setup Your Menu:

You've got two options here: manage your menu & upload menu. You have full access to build your menu via the menu page here (click here for more info on building a menu), or if you're subscribed we'll upload your menu for free. Simply click on the button & upload a digital copy of your menu & we'll get it uploaded within 2 working days.

Set Up Payment Details:

We process payments from your customers to you via Stripe, one of the most secure mobile transaction providers. Setting this up is just enabling customers to pay you, and you won't receive any charges on it.

Verify Contact Details

This is broken down into two stages: email & address. 

For the email section, all you need to do if click on the verification link in the verification email, to verify. Thematic. If your email address is wrong, then change it & re-send the verification email.

The second section, address, is to verify your venue/postage address so that a) we have a record of it b) so we can send you Ordoo materials & any purchased extras.

Book A Launch Meeting

The final stage is to book a launch meeting with an account manager to discuss launching, making sure you're in the best position possible to maximise your ROI from Ordoo. Use the meeting link to book it in as soon as is convenient to you. 

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