Ordoo's integration with Epos Now allows you to automatically print incoming orders on a kitchen printer as they are received in real-time.

If you're an Epos Now customer and haven't yet setup the integration take a look at our Integrating Ordoo and Epos Now guide first.


The kitchen printing integration depends on a printing utility created by Epos Now that is available on the Epos Now EPOS System.

You can run Ordoo on an Epos Now for iPad or Android tablet but will need a spare back office Windows computer if you plan to use kitchen printing.

Here's everything you need for kitchen printing:

  • Epos Now System; either:
    a. The Epos Now EPOS System
    b. A tablet + back office Windows computer
  • A configured Epos Now networked printer

Setting up your equipment

The configuration of the printing utility should be carried out by the Epos Now sales or support teams.

You can check if this service is already running by exiting Epos Now and seeing if the Order Printer app is running in your Windows task tray. If not you should contact Epos Now to get this setup.

Setting up your menu

Any products you want to print on the kitchen printer will need to be in a category that has the order printer setup for that printer. Here is an example of a valid configuration:

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