Ordoo provide a simple yet sophisticated system to allow you to offer your customers loyalty to increase customer frequency.

You set the rate for which customers earn points and customers can immediately start to earn points and spend rewards both for order-ahead orders made within the Ordoo app & orders placed in-store.


Setting up Ordoo loyalty takes two minutes and can be enabled through the Ordoo Dashboard. Just head to the Loyalty Section to get started.

You'll be asked to either join or setup a loyalty scheme. If your venue is part of a chain you can share one loyalty scheme across all of your venues by joining an existing scheme, otherwise if you're setting up for the first time or just have once venue then you should go ahead and press "Start a new loyalty scheme".

This shows how to setup a loyalty scheme in Ordoo dashboard.


You've got full control of how much you reward your customers based on their spend.

You can either enter this up as fixed amounts (e.g. Reward customers £3 for every £30 they spend) or by percent (e.g. Give away 10%).

It's fully up to you how you set this but we recommend between 7.5% - 12.5% is most effective. You can always change the settings here which won't affect the value of already earned loyalty points.

How it works

As customers spend they earn points based on the rate that you set. Once they reach a threshold of points (for example 300) this is automatically converted to a reward that they can apply in the checkout screen, in this case for £3 off any order.

For orders placed within the Ordoo app points are automatically applied to the customers account as soon as the order is accepted, they'll get a notification of their progress within the app and of any reward that have been issued if they cross the threshold.

For orders placed in-store, follow these instructions:

  1. Ask the customer to open their QR code that can be accessed in the loyalty section of the App
  2. On the POS press the QR icon in the top-right of the screen, this launches the camera to scan the QR code.
  3. Enter the customer spend & press 'Submit'.

Note: At this time for venues who use the Epos Now integration customers can only earn points and spend loyalty for in-app orders.

Got questions?

Feel free to contact your Ordoo account manger the the team on [email protected] who will be happy to demo Loyalty and help you get setup.

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