Here's a concise guide explaining how to set your Ordoo device up with our MDM solution.

1. (Optional) If you're looking to alter your existing tablet, then the first thing you need to do is 'Factory Reset' your device to wipe it.
2. Connect to your wifi
3. Choose 'Set up as new'
4. At the 'Sign In' screen, input afw#mobilock and progress
5. Hit 'Install' & wait for it to download then hit 'Install'
6. Allow Scalefusion to take pictures & record video & scan the QR code below

7. Hit 'Accept & Continue' & proceed to turn every option on (shows green) on the list using the sliders on the right hand side. Follow the logical path & enable/accept every option. (For 'Apps With Usage', click onto the Scalefusion option & permit usage access & then click back) - (If when you click onto 'Enable App Notifications & it says unavailable on this device, then hit back & skip it.) Once you've completed every stage you'll be able to press 'Complete Setup'
8. Get in touch with your account manager to complete setup for you. 

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